Professional carpet cleaning in Richmond Surrey

Are your carpets looking dirty, tired and flat? Well help is not far away.
As well as fitting, laying and repairing carpets in Richmond Surrey, I also clean them.

I specialise in domestic carpet cleaning in customers homes. I prefer not to clean carpets in offices, pubs, schools and public buildings etc.

Many companies that clean carpets are general cleaning contractors who clean everything.
The staff that they send to clean your carpets today, may be cleaning windows, houses, offices or even ovens tomorrow.

I am a specialist carpet cleaner. I only clean carpets and have done so since 1973.
I am a ’One man band’ business operating in the Richmond Surrey area. I employ no staff at all. It is me that will answer the phone to you, me that will arrive at your door and me that will carry out your carpet cleaning work.

There are various methods used by carpet cleaners each of which has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. The main methods are:

  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)
  • Carpet Shampooing.
  • Low moisture carpet cleaning.
  • All the others put together (this would include Micro-splitting, encapsulation, rotary pad, dry compound cleaning and various others.)
I am fully equipped with all of the above systems and they all have their place.
I select the right method to use as and when I see and Identify the type of carpet I am working with.
The fact is that different types of carpets respond better to different methods of carpet cleaning and a skilled carpet cleaner will carefully select the right method for the particular type of carpet he is cleaning in order to produce the best results. For example Hot water extraction ( Steam cleaning ) which will work well on synthetic carpets, will shrink many seagrass or natural carpets and leave them ruined.

Usually I can give an approximate idea of cost over the phone. If this is the sort figure you had in mind then I can visit you in Richmond Surrey give a free quote when I see the job and get on with it there and then, if you want me to. If my quote is more than you were expecting then there is no charge.

As a small business with a turnover below the VAT registration threshold I do not charge VAT. This can easily save you 20% compared to quotes from a larger company.

I have many years experience of repairing carpets, having spent over 30 years working as a carpet fitter.
So if you have problems with your carpets that you feel ought to be sorted out before having them cleaned, then why not try me as I can easily do both! Please have a look at my carpet repair page for more details.

Many inexperienced carpet cleaners will leave your carpets wet for hours if not days.
In reality the weather on the day in the Richmond area and the level of soiling dictate how long carpets take to dry.

Clearly carpets that are dirty will need a deeper clean and take longer to dry than carpets that just need a ‘Freshen up’. Likewise carpets cleaned on a hot, windy day in July will dry more quickly than those cleaned on a cold rainy day in January! Usually carpets that I clean will be fine to walk on within two hours.

Michel Roberts

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